A Commercial Sign is one that is intended or used to encourage or promote the purchase or use of goods or services. 68% of customers believe that signage reflects the quality of a business and their product – so you want to make sure your sign is high quality and gives off a great first impression! In this article, we outline a few different types of business signage options that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Electronic Messaging Center (EMC)

An EMC sign is one that displays messaging on an electronic board. This type of sign incorporates movement and motion to draw the eye and display pertinent information. They are powered by advanced technology and consist of LED light displays. The software is user-friendly and allows businesses to convey messages to their customer base very easily. They are often used in tandem with other sign types to add an extra “oomph” to the business’ exterior.

Wayfinding or Directional Signs

Wayfinding or Directional signs are those that let customers know where different areas of a business campus or facility are located. Often used in commercial businesses, retail, and healthcare, they are donned with arrows and information about the building/facility. These types of signs serve a specific purpose and function for a business and are important for the customers. Not only does directional signage serve as a traffic director, some businesses even incorporate braille for those with sight disabilities.  Overall, it simply helps people know where to go.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are typically three-dimensional and are made from metal or plastic.  They often last a very long time and are used on the exterior of commercial buildings.  There are a few ways to customize channel letters for your business and include front-lit, back-lit, and open-faced displays. The open-faced displays also typically incorporate neon tubing, which provides a retro look and feel.

There are many different types of signs that work for commercial businesses: monument, pylon, architectural, wayfinding, EMC, channel letters, neon, wall, blade, or flag. Your signage choice depends on the structure of your building and the needs of your business. In a sign package, you can incorporate several different types of signs in different areas to get the most out of your space.

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