The first neon sign can be traced back to the late 19th century, though the neon we know and love today became the most popular in the 1950s and 60s. Neon signs offer an eye-catching, nostalgic feel for businesses today that allow customers to connect with them before even entering the establishment. About 68 percent of survey participants said they bought a product or service simply because a neon sign caught their eye.

At Rite Lite Signs, we specialize in a variety of signage types to help businesses stand out among their competitors.  Neon signage is a timeless addition to your brand and can outlast other options when it comes your signage. Below are five reasons why you might want to consider neon:

High Visibility & Nighttime Capability

Neon is visible from further distances than most signs, since our eyes are drawn to color and light. Neon allows your sign to pop during evening hours and can be extremely energy efficient in comparison to many other forms of lighting. Even in a crowd, you’re sure to be seen.

Creative Freedom

The luminous tubes that make up a neon sign are extremely flexible and you have a lot of freedom with design. In fact, there are over 100 colors offered in neon tubing today! Custom and unique are two adjectives that perfectly describe a neon sign, and since our main priority at Rite Lite Signs is to “elevate your brand into a work of art,” neon is always a great choice.

Cheap, Efficient, and Easy to Install

Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element, making it no surprise that it remains a fairly affordable signage option. They run cool-to-the-touch, although the appearance is deceiving, meaning it doesn’t waste a lot of electricity. Neon is also safe to use in places where your wattage and voltage are not guaranteed. There is very little installation required and set-up is easy. Plug it in and you’re ready to go!

Long Lifespan

If properly maintained, neon signage can last upwards of 12 years, whereas regular light bulbs have a much shorter shelf life. Neon signs are very durable, which also means they can be used in many different environments. This also plays into the maintenance and low cost of upkeep.

Customer Attraction

As previously mentioned, our eyes are drawn to light and color, which is why neon is also a traditional sign type used in advertising. When consumers think of neon, they typically think of the classic ‘OPEN’ signs and since the 1950’s, consumers also look for neon to spot deals and promotions. In some ways, consumers are ‘trained’ to recognize neon signage, due to its vast use over the years.

Neon business signage has proven its value in the ways mentioned above.  It is no wonder it has been around for decades upon decades.  It’s a sign medium that allows business owners to flex their creativity and showcase their business in a unique and eye-catching way.  Check out some of Rite Lite Signs’ neon projects and reach out to us to get started on a custom neon sign of your own!