Lighted Signs

Quality signs make a great first impression on your customers. Lighted signs make an even better impression after dark!

Rite Lite Signs offers a variety of high quality, dependable lighted sign types to illuminate your brand and grab customers’ attention, no matter the time of day. From small backlit signage to large rooftop channel letters, we’ll help you choose the perfect sign to put your business name in lights!

Choosing the Best Lighted Sign with Rite Lite Signs

Rite Lite Signs provides a wide variety of lighted sign types and services, and we welcome new design challenges and unique ideas. We will work with your budget, your brand standards, and local regulations to determine the best sign type and design for your business.

Our lighted sign offerings include:

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs give your branding a classic, gorgeous glow that looks perfect indoors to welcome customers, or outdoors to illuminate your logo after dark. Backlit signs are some of the most common and iconic lighted signs, and Rite Lite Signs can design the perfect backlit sign to keep your brand’s name glowing bright.

Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are made up of individually lighted 3D letters that not only grab customers’ attention, but also direct them to the right place no matter the time of day. 75% of American customers say they have failed to find a business because the sign was too small or unclear, and channel letter signs are the perfect way to clearly direct customers to your business and get them through the doors.

Neon Signs

Neon signage has traditionally been a front-runner for business signage. With its bright and vibrant colors, neon is a proven and reliable signage solution for all kinds of businesses. It offers endless design options for any message, along with a distinctly bold, fun look. Rite Lite Signs offers traditional “gas in glass” neon signs, as well as LED signs that provide the classic neon look at a fraction of the energy cost. 

EMC Signs

An electronic message center (EMC) is a sign that displays words, symbols, figures or images using LED lights that are electronically changed by remote or automatic means. These signs are perfect for businesses and organizations to share continuously updated information, and are well-known for being flexible, adaptable, dynamic, and effective in advertising your business.

Lighted Sign Installation

At Rite Lite Signs, quality is the goal of the installation process, and each of our lighted signs are installed with all product-specific requirements in mind. We make sure that each sign is well placed, visible, and durable.

When it comes to installation, we even provide our own expansive fleet of trucks, cranes, and trailers to make the installation process simple, easy, and safe with only one point of contact.

Sign Services

At Rite Lite Signs, we guarantee that our signs are installed free of defects. If your lighted sign is damaged or experiences problems down the road, we offer sign maintenance to extend your sign’s life and keep the lights on longer!

Rite Lite Signs also offers sign repair, retrofitting, and replacement for existing lighted signs that could use some work. We retrofit older signs with more energy efficient LED lights and refurbish signs that might be showing their age. Our crews have the skills and experience to fix electrical and structural problems to keep your sign looking great.

For lighted signs that need to be fully replaced, Rite Lite Signs also offers safe and efficient sign removal and replacement. This allows you to work with just one point of contact for the entire process, and rest easy knowing that your signage is in good hands.

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