On any given night in Uptown Charlotte, you will likely be greeted by a plethora of Rite Lite Signs’ creative genius. Each sign that Rite Lite Signs has had the opportunity to work on brings a unique and custom look. Our fabrication shop and offices, located in Concord, NC, are just a short drive via I-85 to Charlotte’s Center City. This makes it very easy to work and play with businesses in the area. The area has many unique neighborhoods and unique cultural/artistic ties that are fun to bring out in Charlotte business signage across the city.

Below are a few unique Charlotte signs that we’ve had the privilege of working on.

Aria Uptown

“Aria Tuscan Grill brings the best of Italy to Charlotte, capturing the flavors of Tuscany where old world comfort food is re-imagined in a modern Italian setting.” The authentic Italian feel with a contemporary setting was extremely important to weave into crafting the signage. We worked to bring a luxury and modern feel into a simple 4-letter channel letter sign. Aria Uptown wanted a fresh, bright, and stylish sign to welcome their patrons and channel letters provided the perfect opportunity to showcase just that.

Graham St. Pub & Patio

Graham St. Pub & Patio is very unique because of its corner placement. The corner offers different angles that a wall sign may not be able to accomplish. Therefore, a blade/flag sign worked best. They wanted a sign that matched the sophistication of their location between BB&T Ballpark and Bank of America Stadium, while being seen from all angles, but also emphasized their brand and the nightlife opportunity. The exposed LED bulbs offered a time-capsule feel of simpler and more vibrant times, such as the swinging 30s. As one of the only bars with a skyline view, it was important to emphasize the eclectic food that they feature while welcoming all Charlotteans and beyond!

Unknown Brewing Co.

The Unknown Brewing Company is just one of Charlotte’s many breweries. What sets them apart, however, is their branding and commitment to ‘living without boundaries.’ This large channel letter sign is directly related to their brand, incorporating a question mark to symbolize ‘unknown.’ The unique incorporation of the hops plant as the backbone of the question mark is an obvious nod to the type of brews they develop. The sign allows for great visibility, as it is located near the top of their building and draws customers in right off the street! 

No doubt, when visiting Charlotte’s lively Uptown, you will encounter Rite Lite Signs’ custom work in some way. Next time you take a trip through the center city of Charlotte, take note – you’ll likely be looking at some of our best work! If you want to create custom business signage to help your stand out like those that we have worked on in the Charlotte area, get in touch with us today!