Wayfinding Signs

An effective system of wayfinding signs can point people to specific destinations, identify areas and locations once they have arrived, inform people about amenities and other facilities, and even communicate rules, safety warnings, and regulations.

These signs are meant to inform and guide people, and that’s why wayfinding signage is essential for malls, cities, department stores, or any organization with lots of places to go. 

No matter your sign needs, Rite Lite Signs will work with your brand, budget, and vision to ensure that your wayfinding signage is clear, visible, and easy to understand at a glance. 

Types of Wayfinding Signs

Rite Lite Signs provides a wide variety of sign types for interior and exterior display, and we welcome new design challenges and unique ideas. We will work with your budget, your brand standards, and local regulations to design your perfect wayfinding signage. 

We offer a variety of custom interior wayfinding signs to guide your customers and team members within your building, and our exterior wayfinding signs are designed to withstand the elements and the test of time, keeping your customers informed for years to come. 

Wayfinding signs present a unique opportunity for customization and creativity, and can come in all shapes and sizes. Our team at Rite Lite Signs can design and fabricate monument signswall signslighted signs, and more to keep your customer and team members on the right track. We can incorporate user-friendly directories and colorful maps, or we can even take your wayfinding signage up a notch by incorporating stunning architectural elements that customers won’t be able to simply pass by. 

Save Money and Streamline Designs

Wayfinding signs are essential for any organization, but especially for multi-tenant buildings and strip malls. One of our cornerstone services is our business sign package that is especially helpful for multiple businesses. This package not only saves money, but also streamlines design of all your wayfinding signage to make a group of businesses look perfectly in sync. 

Contact us today to learn more about our sign packages! 

Sign Installation and Repairs

At Rite Lite Signs, quality is the goal of the installation process, and each of our signs are installed with all product-specific requirements in mind. We make sure that each sign is well placed, visible, and durable.  

With differing state and local codes, it is important to ensure that you are working with a knowledgeable team when planning your wayfinding sign’s design and installation. Rite Lite Signs will ensure that every step of the process is executed flawlessly and in a timely manner. 

Our technicians arrive on site with a fully equipped vehicle to get the installation done with quality workmanship. With the latest tools and technology, we are ready to provide you with top-notch installation service for a consistent signage experience throughout the property. 

We ensure that all wayfinding signs are installed free of defects, but we understand that things happen down the road. That’s why Rite Lite Signs offers sign repair services to extend your sign’s life and keep it looking its best! 

What Makes Us Different

First impressions are important, and an eye-catching sign is the ultimate first impression for any business. We’re here to ensure that you leave a lasting impression with your customers and that your brand identity shines through! 

Eye-catching signs send a strong message to the audience, and when properly installed, they can support the business goals of any organization. Installing a sign is part of the process of creating unique signage that stands out. We ensure that all our signs are installed free of defects and look great. 

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. When installing our signs, we guarantee that our customers are completely satisfied with our well-organized process and professional sign services. 

Reasons to Invest in Wayfinding Signs