The last year has been a uniquely different one in the world of business. Consumers have been loyal to their tried and true establishments but also optimistically supportive of companies who have shown a connection to the customer experience through personalization and customization.

In a world where the immediacy of online orders and curbside pick-up has become the new normal, standing out and drawing customers into your brand experience is now more paramount than ever. In the last year alone, three-quarters of US consumers have changed something about the way they shop, including nearly one-third who have tried a different retailer.
* (McKinsey & Company).

For many consumers, the first visual touchpoint with your brand is your commercial signage – both outside and inside your business. Your signage is not only an extension of your brand identity but it also signals to customers the experience they can expect when engaging with your business.

Does your signage convey your upscale and sophisticated brand? Your playful, fun product experience? Your reliable and trustworthy products? Or are you blending in with the myriad of options available to overly stimulated customers?

In a marketplace where businesses are still getting back on their feet, you may wonder how to continue breaking through, standing out, and catching the eye of customers old and new. We’re here to help!

Following are some of the signage trends we’re seeing in 2021:

The Brand Refresh

With an ever-changing business landscape and need for flexibility, the market is prime for brands actively launching a refreshed brand and business image. Doing so signals to consumers that you too have evolved and are ready to meet the consumer where they’re at, now. Businesses are using traditional signage techniques to stand out – such as taller pylon or monument

signage – but in doing so creating unique visual works of art that highlight a new look and feel for their business image. For example, you may be seeing more use of sculptural signage, larger than life neon and LED display, and bold, interactive digital imagery. A brand refresh and new signage creates a feeling of familiarity, but also makes customers pause and take note.

Play On Words

Humor never goes out of style. Signage that plays off your brand name and brand experience in catchy ways, or creates a moment for consumers to pause and experience your business through your exterior signage, can have a long-lasting impression. It’s memorable in a world where consumers are constantly being bombarded with stimulus and information. Business signage that utilizes channel or individual cut letters

can create a larger than life experience and is ideal for a more modern and professional image. Utilizing subtext and taglines in your signage can further extend your brand experience for customers and helps convey additional information about your business and products, immediately connecting consumers with your brand.

Creating a Personal Experience

Interactive, eye-catching signs send a strong message to consumers. And when properly installed, they can support the business goals of any organization. Recent signage trends are showcasing larger than life installation signage outside of businesses, or in adjacent locations, to draw customers into a more personal, interactive experience. Whether your business offering is highly specific or more broad-based, your signage can be personalized to appeal to particular groups of people in a particular moment in time. The use of an Electronic Messaging Center (EMC)

for digital signage is also ideal for brand personalization, as it allows for ever-evolving messages and flexibility.

Mesmerizing Materials

Signage does not merely share your business name with the world, it showcases what your brand is truly about and what you stand for. Trends in consumer commercial signage

are showing an increase in creative material choice as well – the use of metals, wood, and sustainable materials. More minimalist brands may benefit from sleek, elegant signage that highlights the use of glass, metal and back lighting. Industrial brands will find eye catching use of corrugated metals and multi-use wood, steel and concrete materials. Installing uniquely crafted signage that highlights architectural features

will create a visually compelling experience for consumers and give them an immediate glance into your business offering.

Put It In Lights

The use of neon lighting

in commercial signage has evolved from the traditional storefront window “Open” signs to a more sophisticated and elegant look and function. The use of back-lit, color enhanced and elegant lighting continues to draw attention from a distance. If your business hours are predominantly at night, the use of lighting is ideal for nighttime visibility and differentiation. Illuminated signs are also a means for energy savings. Using LED lighting at night and natural light during the day provides the flexibility to create multiple consumer experiences.

At Rite Lite Signs, our goal is for your business to be found and recognized through your on- brand, eye-catching signage. With our high-end design and fabrication expertise, we will elevate your brand while communicating vital information about your company to your customers. If you’re ready to create on-trend, custom commercial signage to help your business grow in 2021, we invite you to get in touch with us today!