Legion brewery radius sign on brick building entrance

The reclaimed wood used in Legion Brewing's theme is used in their second locations radius wall sign!

Store-front business signage is an important first-impression to your customers and often tells the story of the business before the customer’s even enter the space.

Wood is an excellent material to add to the design of your sign to accent your brand’s story. For example, Legion Brewery’s first location in Plaza Midwood utilized the historic building’s wood from it’s serious renovation into constructing the taproom’s bar, tables and chairs and has since become the theme for the second Legion Brewery location in South Park. The new signs for Legion’s second location also utilizes the reclaimed wood in the design of their blade and wall sign.

Reclaimed railroad ties also tie in the area’s history, like this design for Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce & Tourism in Covington wayfinding signs.

Reclaimed wood and stone for Covington monument sign
Custom Wayfinding Monument sign for Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce & Tourism in Covington, VA using reclaimed railroad ties.

Regular wood can be salvaged, treated and accented for the face of any sign to add character and texture.

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