Wayfinding Systems / Site Navigation

Where are you and where are you heading to? People use their knowledge and previous experiences to find their way through environments. Wayfinding navigation systems have the function to inform people of their surroundings in an unfamiliar environment. It is important to show information at strategic points to guide people in the right direction.

Site Navigation Basics

It’s simple really. Create a comprehensive, clear and consistent visual communication system with concise messaging. When it comes to design, being consistent in typography, icons, color and material choices are key factors. An effective wayfinding system is based on human behavior. The signs should only show relevant information to the space or location.

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Wayfinding Sign Design

When creating a signage system for an area, building or architectural structure it is essential to develop a strategic scheme. With this step you are able to build up a modular wayfinding system that will adapt to the build environment and the public’s expectations for orientation and navigation purposes. Research is an important step to understand the build environment and where information is needed to maximize legibility of the wayfinding system.

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