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Vol. #1 Issue #1

We did it! Add another year under the ol’ belt! (Side note: is it just me or are Medium-Sized belt getting shorter?)

As we reflect on the past year, we measure our wins to determine the variables that made 2017 a year packed full of growth and success for our company. Here is a list of our top-five signs designed and/or fabricated by Rite Lite Signs:

Blossman Gas

Located in the town of Hickory, North Carolina, this custom blade sign and metal canopy combo were designed, fabricated, and painted right here in our Rite Lite Design Center and Warehouse! It’s no secret that we love to custom-build anyone’s adventurous design but for Todd Walker, our Creative Director, we had an opportunity to fabricate one of his custom designs for propane company, Blossman Gas & Appliances.

The brilliant blue outline of a timeless pinstripe design upon a soft bleached wooden backdrop brings a new experience to buying propane. Every trip to the store greets you with a lively, unique, eye-catching entrance… or else… why walk in?


Birkdale Monument & Way-finding

There are a lot of shopping centers in the South East… I know because every time I walk into the warehouse, the fabricators are building yet another monument sign (we are certainly NOT complaining!) The fun part is, these monuments are breaking out of their mundane formula appearance and getting more expressive, comprehensive, and artistic, like Sandy at the end of Grease! Big shout out to Jason Robinson of Robinson Thinks for his design and work on this project — we had a lot of fun fabricating and installing this way-finding package.

Introducing… the vibrant and expressive new monument and way-finding signs for the Birkdale Village shopping center in Huntersville, North Carolina!! Annnnnnd, unlike your mom’s shopping center monument signs, these custom fabricated signs have a little bit of everything: vibrant colors, multiple textures, and shapes on shapes… I said SHAPES ON SHAPES!

INTRIGUED? Good… a sign SHOULD intrigue you!

Graham Street Pub & Patio

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Another local favorite – but we might be partial – is the small-but-mighty Graham Street Pub & Patio Blade Sign on Graham street in Uptown Charlotte, adjacent to the Knights Baseball Stadium. The building was bought in July 2017 by the same folks who own Caswell Station (another fun sign we made in 2017), this quaint corner sign brings an old-school look to a new generation with its exposed accent bulbs and routed and backed cut through lighting. Classy. Classic. Custom.

There is no missing this sign as you meander through Uptown. Check it out when it opens (yet to be determined). There is a rooftop-bar which undoubtedly has one of the best views of the skyline from WITHIN the city! I mean… if you’re not looking at the Skyline from within the 277, you’re looking the wrong way!

Fairlane Hotel

Google “Fairlane Hotel,” or better yet, just click here… see that sign above Google’s display of Fairlane Hotel? Isn’t that sign a beaut? It’s not every day we have the privilege of creating custom rooftop signage so we are over-the-moon excited about it: Rooftop channel letters with double-stroke neon lighting… did I mention rooftop? We love installing large channel letters on a rooftop! Beats sitting in the office, eh?

This hotel is located in Nashville, Tennessee and it phrased as “Nashville’s Best Kept Secret,” well, we might have popped that bubble because… rooftop Neon signage!

If you’re in Nashville for any of it’s national attractions (Country Hall of Fame, Tennessee Performing Arts, Nashville Broadway), look to the North West and you’ll see some custom-craftsmanship lighting up the night sky!

ChambleeCharlotte, Raleigh, Greensville, Atlanta, Nashville, Richmond, Orlando, Jacksonville, Channel Letters, Custom Fabrication, Metal, Canopy, Chamblee Apartment, Fairlane Hotel, Luxury, LED, Neon, Uptown, CLT, Wayfinding, Birkdale, Huntersville, signage, landmark

As we conclude our Top Five Signs of 2017, we’re proud to name the exciting and resonating Chamblee from the Chamblee Luxury Apartments in the town of Chamblee, Georgia, classic and custom rooftop signage. These large brilliant-red channel letters stand out from the blue skies and crown the top of a new age of luxury apartments. If you ever wanted a large beacon to light your way home late at night, this sign is your lighthouse in the sea!

These channel letters, instead of old-school neon tubing, are lit with the new concept of bendable LED neon-like tubing, giving it that neon look with the benefits of LED! Sign and lighting technology keep getting better and better!

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