Attention Developers, Property Managers, Business Owners and Adventure Investors of Charlotte! This information is for you!

In the recent developmental boom in Charlotte, the local underground-art bubble burst with a series of new large-scale wall murals appearing across the city almost overnight. Artists, specifically in the Arts Districts of Plaza Midwood and North Davidson (NoDa), started picking up spray-paints and expressing opposition to the flux of incoming condominium development with amazingly saturated perception. These artists became local heroes to the burrows receiving the rapid development.  Recognizing a good thing, the housing development embraced this artistic expression and started hiring these artists to purposefully paint the empty sides of their buildings… creating a wonderful opportunity for a city-wide mural festival!

Talking Walls Mural Festival

Talking Walls is an inaugural multi-day mural art festival in the Charlotte, NC Area, featuring international, regional,and local artists.

Organized by local artists and community members, Talking Walls is a celebratory event that captures the powerful impact of public art in our community by revitalizing neglected spaces, inspiring cross community dialogue and raising the arts tourism profile of our city.

– Talking Walls

So what’s happening for Talking Walls?

The festival takes place in October 2018 at 15 different locations in Charlotte, 15 different artists will be painting 15 different walls of all sizes. These artists will be local, national and international urban artists. Recognizing the remarkable opportunity to sponsor a piece of this event, Rite Lite will be supplying scissor lifts as some of the walls range up to three-stories tall. More sponsorship opportunities are still available for interested businesses. Contact Rite Lite Marketing Director, Katlyn Wyllie ( to find out how you can get your business involved.

Have a wall you’d like featured in the Talking Walls Mural Festival?

If you have a wall in the Uptown, Plaza Midwood, NoDa, North Tryon or Elizabeth areas that you would like to add to the Talking Walls Mural Festival, contact Katlyn Wyllie ( for more information.

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