Rite Lite technician carefully cutting McCullough printed vinyl logo

Sign Installer Wanted

Concord, NC

My name is Katlyn Wyllie and I work for Rite Lite. This is a real job-posting… with a little story attached.

A fabrication facility just north of Charlotte, North Carolina, is seeking to fill the position of Sign Installer. As Marketing Director and creative media guru for Rite Lite, naturally I was asked to “write up a catchy job post” for the position. I love coming up with creative messages so of course I was up for the challenge (ahem, my job description).

Writing a job description for a Sign Installer was not as easy as I initially thought. As I was researching and compiling a list of generic every-day-job qualifications, like “Must have attention to detail, works well with others, etc, etc,” I was missing the main ingredient: an actual understanding of what a Sign Installer does… and it isn’t just “Install signs.”

After chatting with several Sign Installers here at Rite Lite, I got a better point-of-view of the pride a Sign Installer has for his job: they are a part of the unsung heroes of modern-day construction, the group of people among us who make our day-to-day tasks safe and informative.

With this information, I wanted to write a heartfelt story in addition to the job descriptions for men or women out there with the skills and talents for installation and yet desperately searching the internet for a solid place to feel the pride in their work and be rewarded for it.

Sign Installer rides crane to install custom fabricated perforated metal

Attention men and women of the field… those among us who love to spend their time in the open-air, away from keyboards and copiers, taking pride in what they do and feeling rewarded with a job-well-done. Those who fancy work-boots and leather gloves over matching shoes and belt. Those who can see the bigger picture, the finished product, the end game and those who crave to pave the way there.

You’re an Installer. Without you, shopping malls and grocery stores would be assembled very different. Without you, would people trust bridges to hold them and roofs to shelter them? Without you, could the people trust the buildings they walk into to not fall on them?

As an Installer, you have the necessary skills to understand a project’s purpose after reviewing the instructions – you not only have the training and awareness to know what has to be done but you know why is has to be done that way.

Sign installer rides a crane to install service an emc board

As an Installer, you execute the final measurement of safety in a long timeline of trial-and-error, back-and-forth brainstorming of designers, developers, architects, contractors, and many other brains and hands that came together to make this building, road, or sign a work of art while providing the utmost attention to safety for yourself and the public. 

At the end of the day, you’re installing for all of us, including yourself.

We recognize what you do as Installers. We value your pride in what you do by valuing you. We know that our company wouldn’t be the success it is without the hiring of top-quality managers, technicians, designers, and skilled craftsmen who are proud of the skills they provide. We honor our employees with the benefits of medical, dental, and vision insurance. If an Installer is hurt on the job, we help them by providing an excellent workers’ compensation package.  After a year of employment, we offer a 401K.


Core Functions:

  • Active CDL
  • Digging and setting steel sign foundations
  • Steel erection and rigging
  • Welding
  • Electrical wiring
  • Ability to comprehend instructions, blueprints and convert to appropriate

Installation Plan

  • Must be able to effectively communicate job progress with Supervisor as well as provide customer updates
  • Superior attention to detail

Employee Benefits

  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Paid Vacation & Paid Holidays

To apply, call 855-243-7079 or email KWyllie@RiteLiteSigns.com with your cover letter and resume



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