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In 1989, Rite Lite got their start by servicing much of the damaged signs in the wake of Hurricane Hugo.

We are ready for Hurricane Florence. Please stay safe out there, Carolinas. We know a great deal of business owners will inevitably have to deal with some damage from the severe storm and we will be ready to help get North and South Carolina business signs back up and running!

Below is our normal service “menu” options.

In addition, we can repair or fix any other kind of severe-storm related damage. Call 704-412-3640 to speak with a consultant about your options.

Bulb & Ballast Replacement

Common sign outages occur in the bulb(s) or power supply(s) (ballast) and is a quick repair.  Average life-span of florescent bulbs is 18-months and ballasts are 3 years. Companies are known to upgrade all the bulbs and ballasts of all of their store locations to ensure all of the signs are properly lit and lighting the same colors throughout (different bulbs can release different colors of white light).

  • A Service Technician will stop power to the sign, remove the face and diagnose the issue as a blown bulb or ballast and replace as necessary while disposing of the busted bulbs in environmentally-friendly method back at Rite Lite.
Call *704-412-3640* to speak to our Service Representative for more details.

Removals or Re-Locations

Businesses move and need to take their signs with them or businesses close and either remove their own sign or leave it for the next tenant to remove their sign – either way – we have trailers, cranes, and lifts to remove and relocate any sign.

  • A Service Technician will locate the sign to be moved, uninstall and move wanted signs to their new locations and dispose of unwanted signs.

Damaged Sign-Face Replacement

Signs that are exposed to full sunlight are prone to bleaching, weathering, and chipping of the vinyl and acrylic faces.

  • A Service Technician will diagnose the issue as a damaged sign-face and put in an order with our fabrication facilities to recreate the sign-faces.  The Service Technician will return to the sign with the new sign-faces and replace the damaged with the new sign-face.
Call *704-412-3640* to speak to our Service Representative for more details.

Parking-Lot Pole Lights

Where there are parking-lots… there are pole lights lighting up a sea of concrete and cars at night. Not only having a fully lit parking-lot is excellent for business awareness, it is also a safety issue.

  • A Service Technician diagnoses the problem pole light and replaces the busted bulb using a bucket truck and disposes of the bulbs in environmentally-friendly method back at Rite Lite.

LED Retro Fit

Most of the signs today are lit using glass neon tubing which includes a transformer. This type of lighting is dated and has been replaced by the cost-efficient LEDs. The benefit to making the Retro Fit switch from glass neon tubing to LEDs is cost-efficiency and life of the lighting method. Neon is costly to repair and uses more power than LEDs over a period of time.

  • A Service Technician removes the sign face and surveys the sign. With permission from the customer proceeds to remove the glass neon tubing and transformer and installs LEDs and power supplies in their place.
Call *704-412-3640* to speak to our Service Representative for more details.

Glass Neon Tube Replacement

Signs with exposed neon have a classic feel that customer’s like in their signage. When these fragile tubes break or the transformer supplying the power breaks, the neon tubing must be replaced.

  • A Service Technician diagnoses the issue in the neon tubing and, with customer’s approval, removes the broken neon tubing and brings back to Rite Lite where an in-house neon bender artisan will recreate the broken piece. The new neon tubing is then brought back and reinstalled into the sign. If needed, a new transformer is also installed.

Electronic Message Board (EMC) panels Replacement

Electronic Message Centers are the digital signs that use pixels, or colored dots, to create a sign that can change messages (or images). These signs have a great impact but can run into some serving issues with the panels that make up the EMC board.

  • A Service Technician will run diagnostics on the EMC to determine the issue and which panels are effected. The Service Technician will then order the parts from the EMC provider. When those ordered parts arrive at Rite Lite, the Service Technician will return to the EMC and replace the problem parts with the new parts.

Holiday Sign Package Upgrade

A month or two before the shopping holidays begin, companies will have a Service Technician change out all of the bulbs in a range of stores in one franchise to ensure every sign is working and displaying identically.

  • A Service Technician will survey each location at night by taking photos of the illuminated signs and send to customer with service recommendations. The customer will order however many signs need to have the bulbs replaced. The Service Technician will replace those bulbs and send over pictures of the signs illuminated with the new bulbs.
Call *704-412-3640* to speak to our Service Representative for more details.


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