With all of the successful projects Rite Lite has completed in 2019, creating a list of our Top 10 projects was a fun look back at our wide range of fabrication and installation projects.

Here is a look at #7, #6 & #5 on our list!

#7: Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

Rite Lite Top 10 Project of 2019 List

Even though Rite Lite pride’s itself as a custom fabrication facility, we definitely wanted to leave room to praise our multiple-location projects like Food Lion.

Multiple-Location projects offer the challenge of building bulk numbers of the same fabricated branded-shape and installing each one in many different locations. In 2019, Rite Lite surveyed, fabricated and installed 60 Food Lion wall signs to 60 different Food Lion locations across the East Coast with similar number set for 2020.

We are proud of these types of projects as they require a particular eye for detail, connectivity and execution.

#6: Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

Rite Lite Top 10 Project of 2019 List

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack custom sign was a master collaboration between sign designer and steady hand-lettering wizard Timothy Maddox of Mighty Fine Signs and Rite Lite’s in-house artisan painter and neon bender.

After fabrication, Rite Lite’s in-house artisan painter masked layer after layer to achieve the right sequence of paint applications to achieve the color treatments and base detail. Next, Timothy Maddox adds the final details with his skilled talents in hand-lettering.

Glass-Tubing Neon Signs… a genre that dominated the store-front sign game since the turn of the last century. With advancements in illumination technology, glass-tubing neon is being replaced with LED/Flex/Faux Neon as a greener alternative. As a result, glass-tubing neon has become more of an artisan practice and less an industry standard. Rite Lite has an old-school neon-bending plant in our Concord, NC facility and is proud to still offer glass-tubing neon!

#5 Blossman Gas

Rite Lite Top 10 Project of 2019 List

Rite Lite has had the privilege of working with Blossman Gas for several years, redesigning their branded store-front look by fabricating and engineering custom sign packages for multiple Blossman Gas retail locations.

In 2019, Rite Lite had the privilege of bringing three more Blossman locations to life with three custom branding projects.

Stay tuned for Rite Lite’s #4, 3, 2 Projects of 2019!

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