The Whole Foods pylon sign is a fantastic example of why a quality, well designed sign is the best marketing and advertising investment for not only big box retail but as well as small businesses and restaurants. Standing at 27 feet tall, believe me you just can’t miss it as you are driving down NC 73-Sam Furr Road in Huntersville, North Carolina. Sam Furr Road is a busy, busy road crowded with retail shops, restaurants and a wide variety of businesses.

This establishment wanted to stand out with their visibility. After analysis of the area, a vertical pylon sign was designed with an eye-catching base and noticeable tenant panels. “Whole Foods” is an illuminated channel letterset and the tenant panels are routed and back backed up with Acrylic.

This vertical pylon sign isn’t just noticeable, it’s effective. 

Grocery shopping, getting your nails done or picking up dinner is often an impulse decision on your way home from work. As you are driving along, you realize you have some spare time and you decide to stop at a store where you need or want the products or services. Most often what triggers that decision is seeing the sign as you are cruising along or sitting at a stop light.

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The channel lettersets for each business stand out with perforated metal faces in-front of the Acrylic. It is an exceptional way to enhance a channel letterset and make it more of an architectural piece.

halo illuminated wall sign on non illuminated dimensional pan

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