If you’re a new business owner planning for a brand-new sign for your store-front… sometimes a little e-guidance when researching can save so much time and hassle.

Rite Lite has categorized their fabrication projects in an effort to make it easier for the consumer when researching different “flavors” of signs and architectural features for their business.

Rite Lite gets the word out about this easy categorization via QR code marketing! Check it out… a QR code is like the bar code on your Cheez-It box that stream lines the information-retrieval process. You don’t have to key in a website or a google keyword to find the information you need… just point your camera at the QR code and go directly to the information you need.

QR Code of Rite Lite Sign's project board
QR Code of Rite Lite Sign's project board

QR Codes are amazingly simple and can do so much for your marketing, especially if you are trying to inform your customer to help their creation and buying experience.

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