Pylon signs truly are memorable landmarks used by commuters and pedestrians in the area for directions and of course, to find your place of business. These freestanding structures are remarkably versatile and you will have an easier time getting your brand to speak for itself with greater visibility even from a far distance away.

Together, we can customize your freestanding structure to meet your precise needs – be it fabricating your sign according to precise specifications or providing complete sign design services. By extending above your competition, pylon signs are a perfect way to display your company logo, advertise a new product or promote multiple tenants at once. Electronic messaging center systems add to the quality and dynamics and also provide optimal illumination and visualization.

High impact and low maintenance exposure.

large tenant signage

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Pylon signs are freestanding structures with a custom single or multi-tenant illuminated sign box supported by steel poles. The sign base and pole surroundings can be constructed of various materials.
Customized pylon signs are very popular when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, and retail locations.

Something to think about:

Single Pole Mount – This solution offers a simple yet economical solution for elevating your identity over obstructions (trees/buildings). The single pole design is also ideal for high rise structures for long distance visibility.

Double Pole Mount – A double pole structure can provide favorable benefits for the engineering of your structure in a large sign application and also offers a balanced aesthetic look for your structure.

Pole Cover Mount – Conceals structural poles while enhancing the design of your sign. Built to virtually any shape to offer a truly unique look using brick, aluminum, stone, stucco and the list goes on.

Keep in mind that you can incorporate a full color LED digital message board for even more exposure. A digital message board can be programmed in a matter of seconds and even from a remote location.

Capitalizing on the opportunity to build a personalized and customized sign can make all the difference. Pylon sign systems are second to none in the industry.

Showcase your commercial, industrial or retail property in a precise manner with our unsurpassed commitment to superior craftsmanship. Rite Lite Signs will satisfy your most demanding expectations on these large scale projects.

DID YOU KNOW? Signs provide continuous advertising for your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please get in touch with Rite Lite Signs at (704) 788-7097 or EMAIL US if you need a sign at your location or a complete signage rebranding program for your business or organization.

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SERVICE & MAINTENANCE: We go to great heights, 192 feet to be exact!

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