Have you ever looked at a sign and noticed it was there?

Exposed Accent Bulbs, LEDs, Old School, Flag Mount, Blade Sign, Routed and Backed, Custom Signage, Fabrication, Marketing, Branding, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Columbia, Raleigh, Richmond, Jackson, Orlando, Greenville, Custom Fabrication, Cool SignIf you become aware of signage, you’ll notice that they are everywhere! It’s true! The next time you go out to lunch or dinner, observe the restaurant’s signage… and then scan around and notice all the other signs for the other businesses around your restaurant. There are a lot – and they all came from somewhere.

Since my moving to Charlotte in 1999, I have witnessed the city ramp up it’s construction after the installation of Romare Bearden Park and the BB&T Baseball Stadium facing the skyline with all its glory. In addition to the newest Bank of America high rise, this area of town has exploded with development, including the reconstruction of a tiny building just beside the BB&T Baseball Stadium, formally known as Chupitos.

This 2,200 sq. ft. building was bought and transformed into the Graham Street Pub with a rooftop bar guaranteed to be a stop on a visit to Uptown for tourists and locals alike.

Customer reached out to Rite Lite Signs to custom fabricate the new Graham Street Pub signage that would soon be the first impression of this little bar’s push to become Charlotte’s newest nightlife hotspot. Naturally, we were excited!

Our Art Director, Todd Walker, drafted the plans to create an impressionable sign for this swanky little rooftop bar.

The design plans went to our routing department where we cut the logo from aluminum and then welded them together to create depth and appeal. The metal was sanded and coated with a smooth, metallic silver color. White acrylic with perforated black vinyl was placed behind the silver metal to show the routed words “Graham Street Pub & Patio”. Wiring for LEDs and exposed accent bulbs was installed for final touches.

Once the sign was finished in our fabrication shop, our team took it to Graham Street and installed the sign on the corner of the building – a great place for customers at any angle to see – especially from the BB&T Baseball Stadium.

Presentation is everything!

The level of detail needed for a sign placed in a customer’s direct line of sign is critical.  This is true for every part of our fabrication process, including design as well as craftsmanship of work.  When you start to notice the signs… you will start to see and appreciate the artistry and skill put into them.

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