When is comes to high-end custom fabrication, Rite Lite is passionate about offering our customers a many types of materials for their branding investment — whether for signage or architectural features.

Rite Lite offers special stainless-steel GKD Metal Fabrics for structural designs like canopies, decks and transparent decorative curtain walls. The fabrics sampled below have a pattern etching that interacts with an observer at any distance and will be used for a large-scale mall entrance for a Simon Property in Katy, Texas.

Etched stainless steel gkd metal fabric samples in daytime parking lot at Rite Lite Signs

High-End Examples of GKD Metal Fabrics

Rite Lite offering LED illuminated stainless steel mesh by GKD Metal fabrics

Imagine LEDs in your Metal Fabrics

GKD Metal Fabrics offers MediaMesh that can have ridiculous potentials for a branding investment…

GKD Media Mesh at Rite Lite Signs

Give Rite Lite a call today at 800.784.5605to discuss GKD Metal fabrics for your next branding project!

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