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Custom sign fabrication: Our Process

As a small business, we understand the frustrations of large business investments – but – we know you have to make them to advance. Just like finding a brick ‘n mortar location or buying a company car, the process starts with a need. After a business discovers their product or service, establishes their own process and is ready to showcase their hard work to their customers… now it is time to think about flashing lights.

The way we see it, a sign is as important to a business than it’s very product or service… At Rite Lite, we are constantly improving our process AND the way we communicate that process to people who have bigger things to worry about… like running their business.

1. Consultation

Experienced sign consultants make it easy to understand the plethora of options available within creating a sign for your business. We come to you to discuss your visions and to present you with new and trending custom fabrication ideas. We work with your financial goals and needs until you are comfortable with a sign concept to make the big decision.

2. Visualization

Creative digital artists visually demonstrate your sign-concept on paper so you can be confident in every decision. It is one thing to imagine an idea but sometimes the details get lost in communication from one person to the next. At Rite Lite, we are believe in illustrating every detail so client and designer alike can visually understand the same concept.

3. Project Management

Savvy project managers take care of all the codes, permits, and paper work required to erect a sign. There are county, city and sometimes special codes that apply to the the dimensions of different signs that we handle so your sign follows every rule.

4. Fabrication

Artisan fabricators, painters, and master craftfolks create and assemble your sign in our 55,000 sqft warehouse. With leaders and artists in each department, your sign moves from cutting to fabrication to paint to assembly, growing piece by piece until it is ready for installation.

5. Installation

And a crew of highly-trained installers with a fleet of trucks and cranes transform your business with a quick and guaranteed installation.



and BOOM!

You’re business is now a landmark.

What kind of business needs a sign?

While we feel a sign is vital for every business because it not only advertises your existence and location but tells a quick story with a first impression of colors and design that pull folks in – if done right – like a moth to a flame.

  1. Restaurants / Bars
  2. Entertainment Venues
  3. Schools & Learning Facilities
  4. Apartment & Home Communities
  5. Hospitality & Hotels
  6. Hospitals & Healthcare Locations
  7. Shopping Malls
  8. Retail & Retail Service Locations
  9. Government Buildings
  10. Municipals
  11. States, Cities, Counties
  12. I could go on… but you get the point

And hey… in addition to letting potential customers know your location, a business could become a “landmark” with their creative and innovative sign designs: For example, “We are all here by the Mellow Mushroom sign in Uptown.”


And one more thing…

We have info on financing your sign!

There are a few options that we offer. Contact a Rite Lite Consultant for more information. Tell ’em #RiteLiteKat sent ya!


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