Electronic Message Centers. What type of digital message board is right for your business?

Electronic Message Centers (EMC) are one of the most sought-after aspects of the sign industry. These business boosting signs are often highly regulated.

3 different uses for LED signs. What type of digital sign is right for your business?

  1. Advertising Your Business. This digital sign is not only drawing attention to your business but it’s also advertising your products and/or services. It can also direct viewers to stop in, call, visit your website and follow you on social media. The text displayed should be dynamic, colorful and attention getting while still maintaining the clarity of the message.
  2. Advertising Other Businesses. Digital signage of this type is very useful for advertising places like a mall, multi-tenant offices and shopping centers. The majority of the time the viewers are traveling on a busy street and have limited time to view the content, therefore keep the content easy to read.
  3. Information provider. If your message center provides information to your viewers such as emergency information, events, dates and times, traffic displays or stocks tickers, clarity and readability is your number one priority. Use simple backgrounds and easy to read, bold, single color text.

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Church LED Message Board

How Much Time do I have to display my messages(s)? To maximize your efforts be aware of how much time your viewers have to look at your display. If you are lucky enough to be in a location where your viewers are captive such as standing in line, at a stop light or in heavy traffic, you don’t have to worry as much about overloading your display with slides.

Make sure your content really counts because your drivers may only have a couple of seconds to view your sign. As your viewers walk or drive by, they may only get a chance to see 1 or 2 messages, and in some cases 3-4, so don’t overcrowd your display with too much text because you want your viewers to stay responsive to the sign and the messages it’s portraying.

Take all of this information into account when you are scheduling your slide show and adjust accordingly throughout the day. Good sign software provided from quality manufactures allow you to do this quickly and easily. Click here to see more message centers.

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