When it comes to marketing your store-front with brand-standard signage, digital EMCs are quite the investment!

Imagine being able to customize your store’s signage on a daily basis for Sales, Events, Announcements? All it takes is a few clicks on a computer to update your store’s very own EMC!!

At Rite Lite, we understand that while business owner’s are interested in investing in signage for their store-front, they may not be as knowledgeable about all the different options, features and price-points. That’s why we train our Account Executives to give you all the details on all the bells and whistles that can come with a custom sign.

There are many types of Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) including size of the board itself, the distance between LED nodules and how the board is displayed (by itself or within a fabricated cabinet).

If the customizable opportunities of digital EMC signage doesn’t ring your bell, let the research behind the success rate of digital EMC signs do the ringing!

Research Your Sign Investment by Type of Product: EMC

Vector graphic of building with an EMC

Research Your Sign Investment by Type of Industry:

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