Signage is a great form of visual communication so the real question is, are you getting noticed?

Applying your brand effectively is foundational to your merchandising efforts. Dimensional logos can be eye catching and appealing. Rite Lite Signs can work with you and your design ideas to create an appealing dimensional logo for your business. Using your logo and name in an effective manor can build a foundation of your branding efforts.


Signage that communicates clearly. Even more than a sign that just “looks good”.  You want your sign to integrate with the site, tying in aesthetically with the architecture and your brand displayed prominently. The best solution is to use an appropriate size and style of font, the placement and the use of images to convey a clear message. Ultimately you want your sign investment to attract business.


Visual clutter.  You don’t want your sign to be ineffective because the design is cluttered with messaging, an ineffective color contrast or confusing shapes and decorations. Understanding our client’s expectations in relationship to the desired outcome is carefully considered. It’s important that a sign represents who you are as a company.

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Box sign logo back lit

Are you looking for cool sign design ideas? Well look no further.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel with every new project we come across because there is a wealth of color and sign ideas that exists everywhere you look. Today’s technology makes it easy to capture ideas and immediately start designing.

A new sign may be the symbol of an expansion, rebranding or new business. Regardless, it’s “new” to you and often is a mark for one giant step forward for the future of your business.

DID YOU KNOW? Signs provide continuous advertising for your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please get in touch with Rite Lite Signs at (704) 788-7097 or EMAIL US if you need a sign at your location or a complete signage rebranding program for your business or organization.

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