Rite Lite’s fabrication stands alone due to our active investment in edgy creativity

Much of Rite Lite’s advantage comes from their collection of in-house artisan fabricators whose knowledge and experience bring custom designs to life. Therefore, Rite Lite is proud to encourage local art by supporting educational programs that teach or include our community’s artists and artisans in creative events.

Wall Murals, “Graffiti”, Spray Paint Art... whatever you call it, there has been a growing demand for external and internal large-scale wall murals for marketing and building-beautification purposes. Rite Lite recognizes the predicament of permanently painting on the edifice of a building and therefore has created the Revolving Metal Canvas! Custom fabricated to any size and shape, these metal canvases can be installed anywhere with capabilities to repaint to keep looks fresh.

“The Fury 325” is a metal-sculpture monument sign and although the concept was not designed by Rite Lite, Rite Lite brought the concept to life by redesigning it for structural purposes. We understand an artist vision and enhance their creative process with installation knowledge to improve the stability of an artist concept.

Rooftops. High-Rise Buildings. Ceilings. When it comes to installation, Rite Lite has thirty years of installing heavy structures in all sorts of locations, elevations and gravity challenges! If we don’t have the equipment to install, we know all the right people who do.

Rite Lite loves to give our Designers & Fabricators fun and interesting projects to build -- which is why we pride ourselves on “custom”. If you can dream it, our seasoned Art Team can structurally design it, our Project Managers can plan it, and our artisan Fabricators can make it.